ICT&health World Conference 2024

The Netherlands

An Extraordinary Gathering

Step into the future of healthcare at the ICT&health World Conference 2024, an extraordinary gathering with a unique mission. Unlike conventional conferences, our core objective is to drive real, global healthcare improvements, enhancing efficiency, and accessibility for all.

We firmly believe in the power of global knowledge sharing and collaboration to accelerate healthcare transformation. This conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with healthcare experts from around the world, learning from their experiences and insights. It serves as a platform where we can collectively translate global developments into tangible progress.

During this event, you will immerse yourself in insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and valuable networking opportunities. We will delve into essential topics, such as the groundbreaking role of artificial intelligence in healthcare, the critical need for data sharing and interoperability, collaborative initiatives, patient participation, behavior modification, and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Global Partnerships for a Brighter Healthcare Future
Moreover, the conference underscores the value of global partnerships in shaping the future of healthcare. By fostering international collaboration, we harness diverse perspectives and expertise to overcome common challenges and drive positive change on a global scale.

At our conference, you can expect more than 150 in-depth breakout sessions and workshops, world-renowned experts as keynotes, study trips to groundbreaking organizations, and an array of the most astonishing innovations that truly matter, all of which you can experience firsthand.

Who Should Attend?
This conference attracts a diverse audience, including healthcare professionals, government officials, CIOs, senior executives, providers, IT professionals, innovators, scientists, researchers, consultants, and market suppliers. They will showcase their latest insights, research, products, and services.

Exploring Opportunities in the Netherlands
The ICT&health World Conference takes place in the Netherlands, a global hub for pioneering healthcare initiatives. Explore the opportunities available for professionals and companies in terms of work, investment, and settlement within the country, contributing to healthcare advancements worldwide.

Secure Your Spot Today
Don’t miss out on this transformative event. Register now to secure your place and benefit from early-bird discounts. For more information on abstract submissions or partnership opportunities, please reach out to us at events@icthealth.nl.

Accreditation Points and Future Updates
We have actively pursued accreditation points for healthcare professionals. Stay tuned for comprehensive details on the accreditation process and how you can earn valuable points by participating in our conference.

A Remarkable Journey
Join us on this remarkable journey where healthcare converges with innovation, leadership lights the way, and collaboration knows no bounds. Together, we will explore the boundless potential of the future of healthcare, set against the enchanting backdrop of Maastricht.

Discover Maastricht and Beyond
Maastricht, a historic city in the Netherlands, is popular for its ancient roots dating back to Roman times and the preservation of its historical architecture. Its strategic location near the borders of Belgium and Germany attracts cross-border activities and tourism. Additionally, Maastricht is renowned for its high-quality culinary scene and is home to Maastricht University, known for its innovative teaching methods and diverse student population, adding to the city’s vibrancy.

As a token of our appreciation, we have arranged complimentary public transportation throughout Maastricht. This allows you to explore the city’s rich history, savor delightful dining experiences, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife.

As a gesture of appreciation, healthcare professionals with a BIG number can attend all conference days at no charge, with just a 25 Euro administrative fee, reflecting our gratitude for their dedication and commitment.

Nederlands Programma
Naast het internationale programma bieden we gedurende de drie dagen ook nog steeds een groot en vertrouwd Nederlands programma. Dit programma toont de laatste ontwikkelingen, innovaties en initiatieven in Nederland. Het omvat talloze breakout-sessies en discussies, en biedt waardevolle inzichten en mogelijkheden om contact te leggen met lokale experts, gezondheidsorganisaties en beleidsmakers, terwijl je tevens internationale inspiratie opdoet.

Blijk van waardering
Zorgprofessionals met een BIG-nummer kunnen gratis deelnemen aan alle dagen van de conferentie als blijk van waardering voor de toewijding en hun inzet, met slechts 25 euro administratiekosten. Dit wil je niet missen!

Integrated International Scientific Conference ‘Smart Healthy Environments 2024’

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with DEEL and the International Scientific Conference ‘SHE2024’. This special segment of our event is tailored to bring together the brightest minds in revolutionizing smart housing for (senior) citizens. It’s a unique opportunity to explore empathic architecture’s role in human-centered research on housing and to build bridges between scientific exploration and real-world applications through living laboratories.

Moreover, this collaboration serves as a testament to our commitment to extending the horizons of healthcare beyond its traditional boundaries. By integrating Smart Healthy Environments 2024 into the ICT&health World Conference 2024, we demonstrate our belief that the future of healthcare intertwines with innovative housing solutions, smart city initiatives, and the broader societal landscape.


Maria Henneman

Conference Host


Conny Helder


Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Micky Adriaansens


Ministry of Economic Affairs, Climate Policy

Björn Zoëga


Karolinska University Hospital

John D. Halamka


Mayo Clinic Platform

Marc Noppen


UZ Brussel

Safaa Almajthoub

CSO at SEHA Virtual Hospital

Ministry of Health KSA

Katie Baca-Motes

Co-founder and CSO

Scripps Research

Maurice van den Bosch

Chairman Executive Board | OLVG

Diederik Gommers

Chief Intensive Care/Intensivist, Erasmus MC | Chair editorial board ICT&health

CK Andrade

Director, Healthcare - Life Sciences


Michel van Genderen


Erasmus MC

Masi Mohammadi

Scientific Director

The DEEL Academy

Lucien Engelen



Daan Dohmen

Professor Digital Transformation

in Healthcare

Katarzyna Kolasa

Professor of Health Economics

Kozminski University (Poland)

Bianca Rouwenhorst

Director of Information Policy/CIO

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Wim van Harten

Chairman Executive Board

Rijnstate Hospital

Teun Toebes

Pioneer for Human-Centered Care

Helen Mertens


Maastricht UMC+

Aashima Gupta

Global Director, Healthcare Strategy and Solutions


Hans Erik Henriksen


Epital Health

Emilie Kauffeldt Wegener

Research Assistant

University of Copenhagen

Matthieu Arendse

Beleidsmedewerker/ innovatieadviseur


Soon to be announced

Soon to be announced

Soon to be announced

Soon to be announced

Main partners



MECC Maastricht

The ICT&health World Conference is the place to be for Government officials, healthcare and business leaders, professionals and Innovators. The global healthcare HUB within the Netherlands for the future of healthcare and global collaborations.

Accessibility & Parking
MECC Maastricht (main entrance)
Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht, Limburg

The fastest way to the ICT&health World Conference
By Car, Bus, Train or Plane


“The ICT&health World Conference is a magnetic force, drawing in a diverse spectrum of healthcare trailblazers. In attendance, you’ll find esteemed government officials, visionary CIOs, high-level executives, dedicated healthcare providers, tech-savvy information professionals, forward-thinking innovators, strategic consultants, and dynamic market suppliers, all congregating to showcase their cutting-edge products and services.

This global spectacle unfolds in the Netherlands, a veritable epicenter of healthcare innovation. As you step into this realm of transformative knowledge, you’ll embark on a journey through a healthcare wonderland, where limitless possibilities await. Discover the Netherlands as not just a conference venue, but a global hub, beckoning professionals and businesses to join the voyage of progress, offering fertile ground for collaboration, investment, and growth, all of which is propelling the healthcare landscape into uncharted realms of achievement.”



Visitor Entrance Fees

Until12-1-2023until 05-10-2024from 05-10-2024


€ 195.00€ 295.00€ 395.00

2 Days

€ 295.00€ 395.00€ 495.00

3 Days

€ 395.00€ 495.00€ 595.00

All prices mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT.
For individual visitors (non-healthcare professionals or students), the regular/above rate applies, including lunch! (No refund).
* A three-day participation grants a free one-year digital subscription to ICT&health. This offer is not applicable if you already have an active subscription.

  • Group registrations through healthcare organizations receive a 100% discount on the entrance ticket, with a €25 administration fee per person.
  • Healthcare professionals with a BIG registration or using an organizational email receive a 100% ticket discount, with a €25 administration fee.
  • Students receive a 100% discount on the entrance ticket, with a €15 administration fee (student cards will be checked).
  • Refunds are not possible, but tickets are transferable.

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